Taf’Ta is an upmarket brand created in Mauritius by the designer Patricia Lagesse in 1990.

The Designer

In the early 80’s, when textile was the backbone of the Mauritian economy, Patricia Lagesse spent several years working as a fashion designer in Mauritius. She started as a designer in a textile factory working in the export industry towards countries in Europe. Her models were well received and eventually became the basis for orders by well known brands, becoming best sellers several years in a row.

Creation of the brand

After an extensive career as fashion designer in the textile industry, Patricia Lagesse decided to launch her own brand. “I’ve worked in the Export Textile Industry for years. Then I realised that in Mauritius there were also small workshops with people who had great potential. They only needed guidance or mentoring”. She set the trend and began the creation of upscale women’s clothing. The designer’s brand, Taf’Ta, was born in 1990.

The Brand

The designer dreams of a new concept and aims at creating exclusive, innovative and high quality women clothing. Sumptuous fabrics, impeccable finish as well as a line perfectly adapted to a glamorous and modern look are all distinctive signs of her brand. Colorful and eye-catching, the elegant collections have a mix and match concept. Through her brand, the designer wants to enhance femininity as she explains; “it is my grand-mother and my mother who transmitted me the love of beautiful things…” In Taf’Ta, Patricia invests a lot of herself, her taste, her passion for beauty and refinement. Her sense of research and exclusivity are the spirit of the designer’s brand. Today, Taf’Ta is The brand of Elegant Mauritian women.